Monday, September 6, 2010

Peacock Wristers

I finished these yesterday and am in love with them!

Oh the colours! I love that Ocean yarn from Tivoli - I've enough of this type for another pair of wristers but the next ones will be turqoise and pinks I think (it's hard to tell as the yarn is so random, but that's part of the fun!)

I've listed these on Etsy but could really do with some better photos - though these will do for now I think - better to have it up there and listed and then I can always give it a facelift later if there isn't any interest.

I made these in double crochet stitch through out with is great, as there is no 'seam' at all, though it does make them a snugger fit than the others I've made...but they are so comfy when they are on!


  1. And you're up on the Esty Ireland blogroll :)

  2. yay - that's all thanks to you doing all the geeky stuff for me on here!