Wednesday, September 15, 2010

MORE SALES! Oh my goodness!

Oh I'm a hopeless blogger I think - sigh!

Since I last blogged (!) I finished Helen's order and she has it now and said that it's all lovely and that the mits fit ok (phew, I thought they might be a bit on the small side)

Then the other day I had not one but two Etsy sales -- someone had bought two pairs of my wristwarmers!! Wow!!! I am just bowled over by that! I wish I could ask them about many questions...why did they choose those two did they find my page...who are they for?

These are the ones they've bought (and which are now somewhere between me and New York) -- I love these peacock coloured ones, they would look so stunning with a snuggly black coat in the winter...they're made from the Tivoli 'Ocean' yarn too so they look different in differnt lights...not always so bright!

Then just last night Shelle on growveg bought my Rose of Tralee scarf :) I made this months ago and I really hope she will like it -- it took ages to do, not so much the scarf itself (which was quite simple) but making all the leaves and flowers and then sewing them in - I have a 'thing' about sewing things in securely so everything is double or treble sewn in place!

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