Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hats hats hats!

Finally I think that I've got the lacy hat pattern how I want it to be! I've made another version in the cranberry wool, and also the same in green and pebble grey :) -- all to be listed in my Etsy shop later today hopefully.

I really like how they turned out and it's good to have another pattern/technique under my belt. These are the first hats that I've ever made by starting at the brim and working up to the crown, all the other ones so far are ones where I've started at the crown and then worked downwards.

My order from Springwools arrived while we were away in Dingle - I really only 'needed' to order the big 2kg cone of Studio Donegal (for this year's hats for the artists' retreat) but thought that I may as well do a bit of a stock up while I was there...

 I really love the colour Barbara's chosen for this year's hats - it's a wonderful soft pebbly grey wool with tweedy flecks of creamy yellow, browns etc
- and some old favourites somehow found their way into my 'basket' too --- I'm thinking the white bamboo cotton at the bottom will go for crocodile st wrist warmers for a custom order, the Riots will all be crocodile st ones too - and then the bamboo cotton at the top left might end up as shower puffs...watch this space...

...and this will probably go for scarves, hats and maybe wrist warmers - who knows!

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