Friday, February 13, 2015

I'm on a roll of good days again, despite not having touched any crochet at all for exactly a week, which still feels very strange.

I had my second shockwave treatment yesterday and there was definite progress - it didn't hurt half as much this time: it still isn't exactly pleasant and there were times when the pain was bad, but she was able to turn up the setting on the machine to 4.4 on the top of my arm, and 4 on the underside -- last week I could only tolerate a 3!

My arm is feeling almost normal today, a bit on the achy side and feeling kind of heavy but much better than last week; I'm taking it easy over the next day or so and then gradually using it more normally. I'm back in again on Friday next week for session #3 and by then I think I will be about 1/2 way through my treatment.

She's going to turn up the machine again next week and will be using one of the more 'direct' heads so it may be more painful - we'll see...
On the way home I bought these tulips for myself from M&S -- I love how well they 'go' with my rainbow bird mobile - I bought it from my lovely friend Carrie a while ago.

 And then I got this in the post -- all the way from Vietnam, it's an update on my sponsor child and also some paper flowers which she made for me :)

I love to get the updates on how she is doing :)

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