Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I'm crocheting again! YAY! I'm so impressed with how I've responded to the shockwave treatments - I have been able to crochet without having to wear my elbow clasp, probably for the first time ever! It did start to get a bit achy after a while so for now I'm just having to wear the clasp while I'm crocheting -- hopefully in the future I won't have to wear it at all (or even just to not have to wear it all the time would be a big improvement)

It feels so good to be able to crochet again - I'm glad that I did take a break from it initially as I know I really did need to rest my arm. I've got my third session booked for Friday this week and am really hopeful that there will be another improvement this time too. For the first 48 hours after the treatment I try to do as little as I possibly can with my right arm, which can be a bit of a struggle but it's obviously working :)

To try and keep myself occupied while I've been on my 'break' I've been trawling through my back-issues of Simply Crochet magazine -- I've got every single one so far so it's plenty to keep myself busy and I've been making a long list of the patterns I think I might try out.

The first one that I've tried is this hat pattern from issue 5 - it's meant to be a slouchy lacy hat (with a pompom on the top!) but I think my tension must be very tight -- I had to go up two hook sizes. I really like how it turned out - so much that I'm already in the middle of making another one but have sized up on the hook again (6mm now)

This is my first ever lacy hat! I've sent it to my sister Barbara to wear - or if it doesn't fit her then she can give it to one of her two girls, or donate it to charity...I couldn't make my mind up about the sizing but the next one I make will be up for sale (hopefully!)

My next post on here will be all about my latest order from Springwools so watch this space...I've been asked to make hats again for Barbara the artist's art retreat in the Summer again so I 'had' to order another 2kg cone of Studio Donegal wool and a few other bits and pieces just might have 'fallen' into my virtual basket again....

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