Tuesday, February 10, 2015

It's been bad day, better day, bad day...since I had my first treatment last week; the first day wasn't so great really but I did as little as possible with my right arm (try it, it's harder than you think) and then on Sunday it was starting to feel more normal again and I was feeling really quite hopeful about it all, even thinking about doing a tiny bit of crochet maybe on the Monday or Tuesday. Then that night I was half-awake in bed and pulled the duvet over me, using my right arm, but not thinking that Oscar was lying on top of the duvet and I felt my arm 'pull' and it's been so painful ever since.

I was so cross with myself, something so stupid and done without thought and now it seems to have set me backwards.

My next appointment is on Thursday this week and I'm a bit apprehensive about it as she will be using a stronger strength 'zap' and my arm is already so painful :( But tomorrow I am going to try and do as little with it as possible and try and rest it and hope that that will help (it won't make it worse at least)

Today I went to St. Finan's Bay to cheer myself up a bit

it's a lovely tiny beach - it was one of the ones I cleaned of rubbish last winter after the storms, but sadly it always has marine litter washing in and accumulating

Next week I'll hopefully be back there and will try and see if I can do my beach-cleaning using just one hand!


  1. It is so great you tidy up the place!! Well done, you are a great person!! :)

    1. oh thank you! it's never ending but I try to do my bit