Friday, February 6, 2015

Today's a big day! I've had tennis elbow for at least the last 15 years; it tends to come and go and is something that I try to just live with most of the time - I wear a clasp on my elbow all the time which is a big help. A few years ago I saw something on an American medical programme on TV about something called 'shockwave therapy' and even wrote the name down - though of course at that stage it was only available in the US and not in Europe, but it sounded like something that might help so it stuck in my mind. Fast forward to now, and I found a physiotherapy/rehabilitation clinic in Killarney that actually offers this!

I'm booked in for my first session this afternoon and I'm so excited and apprehensive about it. Over the years I've tried pretty much everything possible for it; from a steroid injection to acupuncture, all the gels, tablets and sprays and my trusty epicondylitis clasp (I'm actually on my third one of them)- to date the only thing that seems to have worked in the long-term is the clasp but even that just keeps it at a low-level of pain rather than getting rid of it totally.

So, fingers crossed this will be the start of something new for me :)

In Etsy news, January was a pretty quiet month for me - it usually is, but looking back on my blog posts from last year I had 20something sales in that month last year! - I think partly that was down to the fact that I had a sale in my shop at the end of the month. This year in January I has six orders, making a total of seven items sold - so I guess that's back to my 'normal' for that month...hopefully things will start to pick up from now on. So far this month I've had four orders, with a total of seven items sold already! - but that could be it for the whole month, there's just no way of knowing...

I just sold a bulk-listing of 11 sets of my scrubbies yesterday - they will now be for sale in a shop in the UK - I'm posting them off later today.

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