Tuesday, October 4, 2016


 I've got that end of the ferry season feeling, though I still have two more morning shifts to do - I'm so so grateful that I've been off yesterday and today as it's done nothing but rain. I'm spending most of my time in our conservatory with the cats and my crochet instead, and working my way through our DVD collection :)
 I'm super busy working on orders for my Etsy shop and local people - I am still doing the 11 pairs for Jaye - she got back in touch recently and still wants the ones for her friend's shop. It'll be my biggest ever order for wrist warmers and I will have to take a photo of them all together before I post them off to her. I'm still waiting for the wool for one pair but I got an email to say that it's been posted this morning so hopefully will be here soon.
I'm crocheting so much yesterday and today that my thumb has turned black! The paint has worn off my trusty 3.5mm hook and now the metal (aluminium?) leaves a mark on my skin...luckily it doesn't transfer to the yarn at least.

Look what's just arrived in the post: it's part of my latest order from Moo. I ordered a set of round stickers so that I can decorate my selkie packages before they wing their way around the world :) No sign of my new business cards just yet but I'd imagine they will come tomorrow.

I'm amazed that there was any post today as it has been raining SO much - there are several road closures and areas of flooding locally, so these were a great surprise on a dreary day.

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