Saturday, October 8, 2016

 It's feeling so Autumnal now - even in our conservatory: my friend Jana gave me these lovely German woodland decorations as a gift just recently (the squirrel one also has felt acorns on the string and the hedgehog one has felt apples)
I'm now officially on my winter break from my day-job on the ferry, having completed my 11th season there.
 I brought in my camera on my last day to take some scenery photos and some detail photos too (I love the old ropes that we have on board)
 this last one says it all - the ferry looks so badly in need of a coat of paint by the end of the season!
 Since I last wrote on here I've ordered yet more wool - Jaye wanted a pair of teal sequined crocodile st wrist warmers in with her large order so I ordered it from PurpleLinda in the UK.

It was hard to get hold of; it turns out that it's been discontinued (why do they do this?!) so I ordered enough for two pairs of wrist warmers and then a few other colours too...

...and a couple of King Cole's 'riot' while I was at it...
Hopefully Jaye will be able to choose the remaining pairs that she wants from these - or I've just taken a snap of the other colours that she might like 

 I'm so grateful to her for wanting to buy so many pairs but I will be glad when they have been shipped off and she has received them!

When I placed my order with LoveKnitting (see previous update) I also ordered this pure cotton for a custom order for some scrubbies and a shower puff.
 I love these colours and think that they will all turn out really lovely in it! The ball is approx 300g so there will be plenty of it left over for more scrubbies etc.
I'm feeling up to my ears in crochet projects at the go - which is why I'm so eager to finish Jaye's order for the wrist warmers - it's unusual for me to have a long list of things that people want me to make; usually at this time of year I'm just concentrating on the build up to the Christmas markets etc.

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