Sunday, October 16, 2016

Rainbow crochet

 I've been working through my list of custom requests - and have made this matching set of scrubbies and a shower puff for my step-daughter (for a friend's birthday) - I love how they turned out and have enough of the cotton left for more :)

 I'm happy to say that I have finished Jaye's mammoth wrist warmer order: these are just ten pairs that she bought in the photo- she bought another two pairs and then a hat as well!

 I was very glad that it all went ok and they are now en route to Bournemouth and will soon be in her friend's shop (she already sells my scrubbies)

One of the other pairs she bought is in this colourway - it's 'Foliage' in King Cole's riot dk - a new shade for me but I really like the colour combination so I will be adding these ones to my shop and have ordered another ball of the wool.

I will be adding these Autumnal ones to my Etsy shop later today (once I get all the photos taken)

Nearly half of my lovely Ikea wool cupboard is full of King Cole's yarn! - mostly their Riot dk or Country Tweed (which has been discontinued) - I would say that they are my favourite and most used brand of yarns for my Etsy shop as they are affordable and great quality.

They have good customer service too as I found out recently ... I was making a pair of wristwarmers in their Galaxy dk in 'Plum' and reasised that half the ball was like this - a tangle of much thinner yarn (made up of just the sequins and the threads that run through the yarn normally - there wasn't any wool in this section at all) I posted a photo on their fb page and they got back straight away, asking for my phone number; and a lady from their customer service dept phoned.
I will be getting a replacement ball from PurpleLindaCrafts as that is where I had bought it from - which gave me the opportunity to order some more wool :)

I have two orders due to arrive soon because as well as the one I just placed from PurpleLinda I've ordered some wool for a pair of hats for Jaye (she really is my best Etsy customer!) - don't ask me where I'm going to store it all!!!

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