Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy HallowE'en!

 It's the last day of October already - yet again, time is flying by so quickly...

This time of year is usually when I do my annual 'how am I doing?' post - listing how much stock I have, how many Etsy sales etc. but I am going to delay it a little this year as Lucy's 'Sea Synergy' centre is still open in the village and she has a lot of my stock.

I can't wait to get my stock (and money!) from her - so that I can add the listings back in my Etsy shop; I think she's open til the end of this week and then it'll take her a while to go through all the stock and work it all out. I usually do very well in her shop (I think people do like to buy something handmade) so hopefully this season will have been as good as the previous ones for me.
 I've finished making this ruffled handbag for a lady on Etsy - I've just listed it this afternoon and have sent her the link so I hope that she will be happy with it... It was the first one of these that I'd made in ages - they are actually really quick to crochet but the sewing part takes best part of a day as I sew everything twice and then sew in the ruffle three times just to make sure it's super-secure.

They were one of the first things I started making and I'm not sure how many of them I've sold now - they use up SO much wool though! This one was made from the second 2kg cone of Donegal Tweed that I'd bought for the hats/wrist warmers for the artists' retreat on Valentia and I still have lots of it left.

I just weighed this bag and it has taken nearly 400g of wool!

PurpleLinda sent me the replacement ball of KingCole's 'galaxy dk' recently so I was able to continue making these wrist warmers - I've listed them this afternoon.

I'm trying to crack on with making more and more pairs of wrist warmers - I sold SO many in the last few weeks (thanks to that article on Bored Panda in September) but I really need to try and build up some new stock for my Etsy shop and the local Christmas fairs.

It's looking like I'm going to three local markets this winter - Portmagee, Waterville and then the Old Oratory in Cahirciveen. I like going to all three - there are probably a couple more that I could go to but that's really enough for me :)

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