Tuesday, October 4, 2016

 Isn't this little wrist pincushion just the best thing ever? My friend Carrie makes them and she sent me one to replace my old one as it was starting to get threadbare (it gets a LOT of use when I'm sewing in loose ends in my crochet)

Not only is the pincushion great but look at the lovely card and message she sent - Carrie, you really are the BEST friend xxxx

Talking about friends; my friend Mary Ruth in New York state asked me to make her wrist warmers in this soft grey yarn that I'd bought in Iceland.

Oh gosh I need to remind myself to ease off buying cobweb yarn - it is so fine that it makes me cross eyed to use it. It isn't too terribly bad as long as you keep going and don't put it down but after a while it kind of does my head in and I need a break and return back to a 'regular' yarn for a while.

I was very glad to have finished the pair and to be able to send them off to Mary Ruth. I'm sure I bought this yarn in another shade too and it's somewhere in the depths of my wool cupboard but I'm not going to go looking for it just yet.

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