Thursday, October 27, 2016

Merino Hats and More..

I've just finished these two hats for Jaye- made in this gorgeous merino wool from Rowan. I'd originally made her a hat for a friend in the same wool last year (in chocolate brown) and now she's asked me to make one for her friend's sister and one for another friend.
I'd a bit of trouble tracking down the wool as Rowan have discontinued it but my sister Barbara found a website that still stocks it - laughing hens so I was able to get the correct wool. It's lovely wool; I really don't know why wool companies keep discontinuing things when there wasn't anything wrong with it.

Amazingly Jaye, who just placed an order for 12 pairs of wrist warmers (10 for her friend's shop and two for herself) says that she wants to order some more pairs for Christmas presents next month! The provisional list is up to five pairs already with maybe a couple more in the pipeline!

I finished these wrist warmers last night - it's a new shade of King Cole's riot dk -- called 'rainbow' and I love it :) The colours blend so well from the one to the next one, I think I have another one of this colour 'in stock' somewhere in my wool cupboard...I've really lost track of what I do and don't have at the moment as I've ordered so much wool lately.

Right now I'm making a ruffled handbag with the Donegal tweed wool - I'd a message from a lady through Etsy asking if I could make one for watch this space for photos....

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